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Question about Charles De Lint

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I just picked up a book by Charles De Lint called "The Onion Girl." I'm not going to start on it until the story I'm working on is done, because nothing is worse than writing a piece and realizing halfway through that you've absorbed somebody else's style. But I wanted to ask a question of you all when I do. It seems as though he's got quite a few stories set in this fictional town, I think it's called Newport. They aren't labelled as a series, but they do seem to have some sort of story that runs between them all. Are any of you familiar with his work? I'm wondering if I should start with "The Onion Girl" as it seems pretty central to the plot, or if I should try to read his work in order of publication (which is a pain in the butt if you get your books at thrift stores and whatnot).
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