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Book Update
My Friend Leonard by James Frey - This is the sequel to A Million Little Pieces (which was so much better before you found out that it wasn't an actual story but was more fiction than truth). I have some hard feeling towards this guy due to how he lied about the truthfulness of the first book, however, I cannot deny that he can write. This book picks up right where the first one left off. It's much more calm subject matter, less drastic language and subjects. The characterization and the way he writes is still awesome. If you can make it through the first book, then this is definitely a good one to pick up next because it's much lighter than that and you'll be able to breathe easier while reading this one :)

I'm really interested in finding out which pieces of this book are true and which are not...although this one comes with a big disclaimer about it being not fully the truth after all the drama about the first book!

Books Read - 8/25
Days Left in '06 - 141
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X-posted from my regular journal.

A word before I begin the review proper. I am not really a gigantic cynical asshole, I only play one on TV. I write my reviews for fun, and while they may accurately reflect my view of the work, they're not really intended to hurt anyone's feelings. Except Stephen King. That said, let's begin.

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Book Review
The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards - I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't disgusting and tragic like some that I've read recently have been, but it was a really different storyline that I hadn't heard about before. I enjoyed the authors writing, the way the book was layed out, and how it wasn't predictable in how it would end. Or even for that matter how things would just *bam* happen and you're like 'omg no, but hows the author going to work this out now!!?!' Definitely a recommended read; not a OMG READ THIS VERY SECOND, but definitely worth setting aside to read in the near future!

Books Read - 7/25
Days Left in '06 - 150
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Name: Crystal
Age: 24
What you'd like out of being a member: read book reviews and have book discussions
Favorite Genre(s): classic literature, fiction, not much romance
Current Read: My Friend Leonard by James Frey
Most Currently Read: The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

Additional Comments: well...i took out a bunch of the questions because i'm a different type of reader. i hardly ever find authors that i absolutely love and would want to read everything by nor do i find many books that i could read 100 times and never get tired of. i walk into Borders and go to the 3 for 2 sale and just browse back/front covers and pick out random books to read. they're normally relatively current, fiction, and so i'm sure you'll be seeing a wide range of book titles that i'll talk about. really i just like to read :) as we all do. i started 1/2way through the year on a 25 books in 6 months challenge (since i hate starting year challenges in the middle of the year) and frequently post briefly about what i though about the book that i most recently finished. i'm not a literary critique, so they won't be amazing reviews, just thoughts on who might like it and why i did or did not like it.

anyways...HI :)
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So I thought I may try to help Roni and James, and lets get this community going. I will make an official book post. I will put it behind a cut for everyone.

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Alright, so we have a number of people on here now. Hi everyone! Problem is, we don't really have a purpose yet. We could do a number of things: book recommendations, reviews, or discussions, for example. We could also do a "Book of the month" thing. I have been slogging through Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series and I will definitely be putting up a review of that one.

So, here's my question for the group. What would you all like out of this community? I can't get a poll going, for some reason, but let us know with a comment.

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Name: Petra
Age: 17
What you'd like out of being a member (ex:to share book ideas, to read a common book and hold discussions, both, other): Book discussions, book lists (to share titles and authors of good reads so others can read them as well)
Favorite Book(s): The 'lothr.' series, George Eliot 'Silas Marner', and much more
Favorite Genre(s): fiction, reality based, angsty, drama, anything completely fictional (think HP or lothr) or something that brushes over controversial or thoughtprovoking existing subject.
Favorite Author(s): JK Rowling, Grisham, Marsden, Headly Chase,
Current Read or Most Currently Read: 'A day beautiful enough to die on' jeanette lindblad (not reccommended)
Recommendations for the site: have diffrent divisions perhaps. like 'classic bookdiscussions' 'general book discussions' 'must-read titles/authors'
Additional Comments: happy to find a book comunity here =)!
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Name: Jessica
Age: 19
What you'd like out of being a member: I would like to see what other people are reading, have discussions, share opinions, etc.
Favorite Book(s): (Somany!) The Hundred Secret Senses, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, Animal Farm, Catch-22, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Handmaid's Tale, to name a few.
Favorite Genre(s): Fiction and most of the "classic" sort of literature.
Favorite Author(s): I don't really read books by the authors.
Current Read or Most Currently Read: The Life of Pi (SO GOOD.)
Recommendations for the site: The Life of Pi.
Additional Comments: I <3 books, and I'm excited about this community. :)
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Name: James
Age: 23
What you'd like out of being a member (ex:to share book ideas, to read a common book and hold discussions, both, other): I wouldn't mind discussing books or book ideas, but mostly I'm just looking for more to read.
Favorite Book(s): Cryptonomicon, Stranger in a Strange Land, A Fire Upon The Deep, The Lord of The Rings, Hitchiker's Guide, The Years of Rice and Salt
Favorite Genre(s): I am a fiction writer and a huge fiction reader. Sci-fi is my real love but I'll read just about anything
Favorite Author(s): Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, J.R.R. Tolkein, Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, Vernor Vinge, Kim Stanley Robinson
Current Read or Most Currently Read: I'm currently plowing through the seven books in Stephen King's "Dark Tower" trilogy, with mild interest.
Recommendations for the site: More people!
Additional Comments: Nice to meet you all, I hope this group grows quickly!
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Name: Ennia
Age: 22
What you'd like out of being a member (ex:to share book ideas, to read a common book and hold discussions, both, other): All of the above.
Favorite Book(s): Good Omens, The Woman in White, Night Watch, The Hours.
Favorite Genre(s): Does it have words and is in a handy binding? In general, I like slightly surreal things.
Favorite Author(s): Terry Pratchett, people who use words...
Current Read or Most Currently Read: I just finished The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory. It was good, but I prefer her earlier books.
Recommendations for the site: More discussions.
Additional Comments: I have 21 22 book requests at the library. I clearly need help.
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